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Pashto, Urdu sex

Every few months I check the stats of my Pashto translator profile on a Pashto translator’s website to have an idea what people are searching about the languages I have on my profile. Sometimes it is interesting to know this. Below are the latest searches and the names of the countries where these searches originated from.

Search term                                                              country

sexcy eduction in pashtio                                      Pakistan
Afghan nwos pasht pak                                         Pakistan
English to pashto translations of novels             United States
italiano zaban chenal urdu and Italian                Italy
online voice translator pashto to English                        Pakistan
pashto porn uk                                                         United Kingdom
pashtun history in urdu                                          Saudi Arabia
translator of english to pashto in Karachi                       Pakistan
sex urdu pashto sex vidieo                                                Pakistan
pashto official adult movies site                            United Kingdom
Daei sex sotori                                                          United States
afghani pashto translation                                     Pakistan
english pashto translation                                     France
peshawar pakistan sex Pashto                             Germany
basic statements Pashto                                        Israel
pashto to english translation samples                 Pakistan
porn urdu voice punjabi sex                                  Pakistan
hadi hairan                                                               Chile
afgghanistan to english voice transleter             Canada
Peshto sex photos                                                   Pakistan
traducteur Pashto                                                    Macedonia
urdu sex vice videos                                               United Kingdom
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sex dabl minig urdu                                                 Sauid Arabia
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Afghan writing into english , Pashto                    United States
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benawa pashto islamic topic by Pashto              Afghanistan
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transportation,s stories in urdu                              Pakistan
ukrainian Translators in Karachi                          Pakistan
wahdat pashto news paper                                                Pakistan
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translation of "weekly" in urdu                              India
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English%2C, Pashto, Site                                      Afghanistan
pashawar pasto sex                                                            Pakistan
dari voice translation                                               United States
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eng sex with urdu voice                                         Pakistan
only, english, military, book, in, dari, and, pashtoo, translate%2F
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www. Phsto pesawar sxs video                             Iceland
sex medicine in karachi urdu website                 Pakistan
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پشتو مینه مجله                                                                 Afghanistan
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wahdat pashto news paper                                                Belgium
URUD SEX INFORMATION                                  Greece
N T D books availabe in Karachi                          Pakistan
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pashto vocal translator                                            United States
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pakistan poshto sax pesawar                                Pakistan
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net cafe sex pusto                                                   Pakistan
afgaĹ„ski pornĂłs                                                     Poland
SEX EDUCATION IN PASHTO                             Pakistan
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پشتو شعرونه                                                                   Afghanistan
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Sex education in Pashto                                        Pakistan
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Pashto sex stories                                                   United States
Pashto sex stories                                                   Pakistan
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pashto.computer                                                      Pakistan
www.benawa Pashtu                                              Pakistan
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www.sex translet. in pashto.com                          Pakistan
afghanistan history in pashto writing                   United Kingdom
pashto dari                                                                United States
writing english to Pashto                                        United States
afghan sex site                                                         Germany
anglais Pashto                                                         France
lar ao bar pashto news                                           France
Agriculture books Pashto                                       Iraq
sex education in Pashto                                         Saudi Arabia
pashto sex pakistan n afghan                               Pakistan
پشتو فلم                                                                          Iceland
english to pashto translation free with audio     Pakistan
anotmomy of sex#q=anatomy of sex in urdu      Pakistan

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    If you were a true Afghan your role model should have been Mulana Balkhi, Ahmad shah Baba, Ghazi Amanullah Khan, Wazir Akbar khan or Rahman Baba. The bottom line is you are an idiot with no knowledge of Afghan and Pashto history. Since you have chosen Bahai as your favorite site it seems you are not even a muslim. On top of you claim to be secular which means your sister and mother can have boy-friends and you do not mind it

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    Samson: I mean, an we be in choler, we will draw. An if . choler anger ( produced by one of the four humors). Draw draw swords.
    Gregory: Ay, while you live, draw your neck out of collar. Collar i.e. hangman’s noose( with pun on colliers and choler).
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