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For Pashto translators: Military and police ranks

Translating technical documents is a very difficult task because many times a good translator has to do a lot in finding the exact terms to accurately transfer the source language (for example English) into the target language (for example Pashto). In Afghanistan we have national terminology, which means certain terms (all Pashto) should be used in all official documents of any Afghan language (Pashto, Dari, etc.) Since enough resources are not available online (and even in print in many cases), about exact terms, many times it is very difficult for translators to find the exact term and translation and produce accurate translations, particularly when they are technical document or some kind of text where these terms are used. Mistranslations then lead to misunderstandings and problems.

Here is a list of the military and police ranks. These terms are officially all over Afghanistan in all Afghan languages.

1)    Lieutenant (بريدمن)
2)    1st Lieutenant (لمړى بريدمن)
3)    2nd Lieutenant (دوهم بريدمن)
4)    Captain (تورن)
5)    Staff Captain (جگتورن)
6)    Corporal (پړکمشر)
7)    1st Corporal (لمړى پړکمشر)
8)    Sergeant (خوردضابط)
9)    Staff Sergeant (لمړى خوردضابط)
10)                       Major (جگړن)
11)                       Lieutenant Colonel (ډگرمن)
12)                       Colonel (ډگروال)
13)                       Brigadier General (بريد جنرال)
14)                       Major General (تورنجنرال)
15)                       Lieutenant General (ډگر جنرال)
16)                       General (ستر جنرال)

Then the same ranks differ from each other in the Army and the Police. Here are the different terms that should be used in all documents of all Afghan languages:

اردو (army)            پولیس (police)
بريدگى                    ساتنمن
دريم څارن                دريم بريدمن
دوهم څارن               دوهم بريدمن
لمړى څارن               لمړى بريدمن
څارمن                     تورن
سرڅارمن                 جگتورن
سمونيار                    جگړن
سمونمل                     ډگرمن
سمونوال                    ډگروال
مل پاسوال                بريد جنرال
پاسوال                     تورنجنرال
لوى پاسوال               ډگر جنرال

Source: Office of Security Cooperation - Afghanistan

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